Lighten Up Your Mood is a seriously catchy folk song and it really will lift and lighten up your mood. It was such a fun process to record, produce and mix another one of Shani Forrester’s amazing creations. We will be performing it live with our band, The MoonShip, on the 17 November. So if you’re in the Gold Coast, Tweed area, be sure to get your ticket! 

Something extra special about this particular release was that we have it pressed on Vinyl! The A side is this fun and light song, where as B Side is a completely different feel with Mediocre Land. Even if you don’t have a record player, it’s worth it for the artwork!

The cover art, was masterfully created by none other than my sister, Irene Messia. Irene’s talent for capturing emotion through visuals provided the perfect visual to go with the song. Her artwork for Lighten Up My Mood does not just complement the music, it captures the song’s essence.

Take a listen to Light Up My Mood on Spotify over here.

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