Well, here it is! The very first Gold Coast Home Studio Tour by Damiano from Mex Music Productions. Check out the video tour and hear all about Amber Wave Studios. Cameron the recording engineer, took us around the Studio, and we had a lot of fun!

Introducing you to Amber Wave Studios!

Amber Wave Studios is situated in Molendinar on the Gold Coast in Australia, this Home Studio has a chilled-out and welcoming vibe about it, most probably because it’s Cameron’s uncle’s home and now the whole bottom level has been turned into a very cool home Recording Studio. As you hear Cameron talk about the Studio you can tell he has a lifetime of great memories from the home. The whole family plays music, he spoke about how they’d have jams and home concerts in the backyard throughout his childhood and teenage years.

Now, with the recent renovations he’s ready to produce some amazing music in this space.

The space has a lot of character, eclectic items decorate the studio adding to the ambience. Serving as a source of inspiration for the artists who will walk through the doors. They’ve completed the inside, with soundproofing, cabling and interior set-up. As we walked through the gate we met Cameron’s uncle who was working on the pool and concreting in the backyard.

There was an unmistakable buzz of excitement in the air, signalling that it would soon be ready for the public. Right now, friends of friends are jamming and rehearsing but we have no doubts that in a few weeks/months, they will be in full operation.

If you have questions for Cameron from Amber Wave Studios, find him over here. 

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Team Mex

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