Damiano is starting a YouTube Channel and of course, it’s about music and… not about coffee or pasta.

About the YouTube Channel

Step into the world of music production with me as your guide! I’m Damiano, a dedicated producer and sound engineer based on the vibrant Gold Coast, Australia.

Join me on this expedition where we’ll delve into the magic of music, one beat at a time. We’ll explore local studios, witness the life of a producer firsthand, and uncover the secrets behind bringing music to life.

This blog is all about providing genuine insights into the art of music production – no pretences, just authentic sharing, creating connections, and enjoying the ride.

If you’re a music lover, aspiring producer, or simply intrigued by what goes on behind the studio doors, hit that subscribe button, and let’s embark on this musical adventure together.

Thank you for your support, hit that subscribe button and join me on the journey!