Damiano Mex has collaborated with Calvin Sembrano on this prog-rock track, Existential Pie. Take a listen over here. Damiano worked on the composition, production and mixing of this very cool song. Read about his song-creating process below!

I began the musical creation by composing the riffs, then went on to lay down the fundamental rhythm section. The song composition process is different for each song, this one was very smooth. From this stage, I went on to research the appropriate guitar and drum tones for the track.

It took a few days and I had the base draft of this track, I then went on to search for the perfect vocalist and songwriter to bring the song to life. I got in touch with Calvin Sembrano, a talented songwriting student at Southern Cross University, Gold Coast. I sent him the track and he wrote the lyrics. I then booked a pre-production session with Calvin, where we adjusted the lyrics and the melody slightly. I went on to record and play the instruments myself and then booked in a vocal session with Calvin. The the post-production steps followed.

If you have questions about my song composition and production process, get in touch! Hope you love the track!

Damiano Mex

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