While right now Damiano is not taking the lead on any original band projects he does contribute to many. Whether that be as guitarist, writer or producer.

In late 2019 Damiano created the original band, Midnight Express to Rome, just one of the musical projects Damiano has been part of. He was the guitarist, singer and songwriter.

The original band was established during a time when gigs were getting cancelled left, right and centre (hello pandemic) the band managed to perform epic gigs at local Gold Coast hot spots like BBQ Bazzar, Miami Marketta, and Brisbane venues like Flamin’ Galah (RIP to this iconic venue).

“Taking the lead, ahhh, so much more than creating and performing music. It involves marketing, social media, managing band members (he laughs), no easy task! Then there are the venues, ticket sales plus the brand/creative direction.”

Damiano’s true passion is music along with performing on stage. Through his years of being part of bands in both Italy and Australia, years of managing rehearsals, venue bookings, ticket sales and helping other musicians feel confident with their stage presence he brings all this to his producing and recording services.

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From Damiano’s early love of Italian Cinema, he brings a certain flavour to any creative direction.

“When you’re leading a new original band you’re usually working with a tight budget but you still want a certain look and feel. Something with originality, you really need to think out of the box. You need to look to your network and contacts, see who is willing to help bring your creative vision to life.”

Midnight Express to Rome’s debut song “Desperados” was directed by Damiano and filmed by Gold Coast Videographer In Frame Media in the beautiful Byron Bay Macadamia Farm in Newrybar.

“The pros of creating your own original band are that you have creative control. However, this also comes with a lot more responsibility, a lot more time and effort. You need to want it bad and you need to find the right people, especially band members, who believe in you and your music.”

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