Recently Damiano worked with Lucca Mae, up and coming singer songwriter. She has a unique soulful rhythm and blues sound, we have a feeling she’s going places!

Tune into Lucca Mae’s most recent song, Next to You, produced by Damiano Mex.

Here’s a conversation we had post-recording.
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Has music always been a part of your life?

I grew up in a small town in the South of England and my dad always had an eclectic taste in music. I remember him singing around the campfire (not very well) and teaching me chords on the guitar from quite a young age.

I had a short attention span and had no interest in it. But I sang all the time and wrote a lot of poetry. It was only once I was older that I realised the importance of playing an instrument and when I was about 17 I was hooked to my guitar.

If you’re struggling to get creative magic flowing, what do you do?

For me, personally, this is something I just accept and I don’t try to write when I am feeling a mental block. I have tried to force it in the past and the songs lack emotion.

All of my best music has come from a sudden wave of emotion or inspiration and it almost feels like the song writes itself.

What artist inspires you most?

Amy Winehouse is so iconic for me. Her music is honest, real, witty and sometimes outspoken which I admire a lot. I love that she mixes sounds of jazz, R&B, soul and skat. No one has a sound like hers.

Probably my favourite band to listen to at the minute is The Teskey Brothers. They are one of the few contemporary bands at the moment who are writing soul/blues in that old school style.

In the music video below enjoy an Amy Winehouse cover by singer, and songwriter Lucca Mae.

What do you love and what frustrates you about being a singer/musician?

I love that I have a passion that I can always turn to when I need to express myself or escape for a little while. I am frustrated with how bloody hard it is to master the guitar!

What was it like working with Damiano and Mex Music Productions?

I really enjoyed recording my music and working with Damiano as I felt I could really speak my mind and he was always so attentive to what I had to say.

He also put his own ideas forward and helped me when I was unsure of what direction to go in.

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