How much does mixing and mastering cost? Really, the costs involved in the mixing and mastering of a song can range, from $50 to hundreds and more. Really, it depends on who you’re working with, it depends on the quality of your recording or if you need recording services as well. It also depends on the results you’re after.

So when you’re thinking about your song production budget there are a few things to consider. But the most important thing to remember is that you’ll be able to find an expert or amateur audio engineer for your budget.

For example, here at Mex Music Productions, we like to customize the approach and quote for each individual client. If you’d like to work with us fill out our Quote Request Form here!


What Is Mixing and Mastering?

For a professional sounding song, you need to both mix and master your song.

The mixing process comes first and this is where the audio engineer looks at each recorded individual instrument/track within the song. They look at volume to create a balance between each instrument, the result changes depending on the type of song and also the sound you’re going after. The engineer will also add post-production effects and adjustments.

After mixing is complete, mastering is required. The engineer will add effects during this stage as well, but this time it’s to the song in its entirety. The mastering engineer does not look at tracks separately, they look at the song as a whole. Mastering is about the synergy of tracks, effects, volume and frequency. All the separate parts now working as one.

Once the mixing and mastering stages are finished, the song is ready for distribution to your favourite music platforms. 

How Much Does Mixing and Mastering Cost?

As we already mentioned the cost really does change for many reasons, obviously when you’re working with top producers you’re looking at spending thousands in just the mixing and mastering services! But if that blows your budget, don’t stress because in this digital age there are thousands of at-home mixing and mastering engineers waiting for your tracks.

In our research, the average cost for professional mixing and mastering services starts at about $100 per song and goes up to $700+.

Here at Mex Music Productions, we like to chat with our clients and work out an individual approach. There’s no set or standard fee. We want to know your budget and goals so we can create the best result for you.

Maybe you only need one song mixed?

Or your whole EP mastered?

Maybe you’re here on the Gold Coast and need some extra backing vocals recorded, then mixed and mastered?

Maybe you have a whole stack of tracks laying around ready for mixing and mastering? If this is the case, we’d suggest do it all at once so we can create a consistent sound for your EP.

The point is, each and every client has a different requirement. If you’d like more information on our services, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re excited to hear your music and can’t wait to add the final magic touches to ensure your tracks are ready for distribution.

Team Mex