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Damiano Mex


Ciao my name is Damiano. 

From the ancient streets of Rome to the sunny shores of the Gold Coast, my musical journey has taken me across continents. While in recent years I’ve made my mark as a recording-mixing engineer and producer, my heart beats loudest on stage. For over 20 years, I’ve been playing guitar and laying down rhythms with several projects, both original and cover bands. To name a few: Eastwood Band (covers), METR (original), The MoonShip (original), Redefine Incubus Tribute Show (covers). I’ve showcased versatility across multiple genres, from blues to rock ‘n’ roll, nu-metal to pop, folk to funk. I can play electric and acoustic guitar as well as sing backing vocals. With my reliable and professional gear, but mostly fuelled by a great passion for live performance, I will certainly bring energy and expertise to every stage I’m able to play on.

Bachelor of Contemporary Music
Music Teacher | Producer | Engineer | Musician | Songwriter  

fluent in English and Italian

Based Gold Coast, Australia | Servicing Worldwide