Here at Mex Music Productions, we may direct our attention to Rock, Indie, Blues and Pop music, however, we are always open to whatever music/audio project you need help with. Over the past year, we’ve been creating fully custom composed meditation music for the MerryBody App. And although we’d never done it before, now we can say we’re experts in the field of creating Meditation Music.

Hear Damiano talk about his experience working on this Meditation Music Project.

“I might not be able to meditate for more than 10 minutes before falling asleep, but I now have a great understanding of the purpose of meditation music. The constant rhythm. The subtle changing in dynamics of the music, it takes the listener on a journey inwards.” Damiano

We worked with the team at MerryBody on a monthly recurring basis. Each month there was a set theme for the meditation music.

Damiano would take this theme and create a 5-10 minute instrumental meditation. He would then submit to Emma and Carla for any changes. They’d ask for any necessary changes until the final version was decided on. Often it was the first submission.

Carla, the Yoga and Meditation teacher would then go ahead and record the guided meditation. Damiano would assist with the recording at the Mex Music Productions Studio to ensure the final recording was perfect for the MerryBody Members.

The below Spotify link to The Savasana Journey. The longest of all meditations Damiano created for this ongoing project. It’s not only been used for a series of meditations but it’s also now featured in the Yin Yoga Classes within the App.

As you’ll listen you can see it’s not just a few notes on repeat, it’s an absolute musical experience. So often, meditation music is in fact just ‘meditation sounds’.

“Before I began the project I did some personal research, I found many ‘mediation songs’ to be a jumble of random sounds. In fact, so often this ‘music’ made me feel anxious.  As a musician, I couldn’t create anything like this, so I took it on board to create something I felt appropriate. Depending on the monthly brief, something that perhaps evoked a feeling of deep relaxation or maybe a feeling of joy”. Damiano


Hear a guided meditation with Carla guiding and Damiano’s music composition. This particular track is designed to help you let go and trust the journey you’re on. You’ll notice a salute to Damiano’s love of Rock n Roll just past the 12-minute mark.

This track, with more beats also works really well during a moving meditation like Yin Yoga or slow flow. Give it a play and see why it’s the perfect Yoga music.

And if your Yoga Teacher needs help to create amazing Yoga Music, be sure to send them our way!

Although you could create your own guided meditations with royalty-free music. Fully custom meditation music is for you if you’re after a little more personality.

If you’re looking for something individual to you, your business and for your clients get in touch OVER HERE  We will help your meditation music stand out from the ocean of noise and random sounds!

Team Mex

Images supplied by the client, MerryBody App.